Bringing Ðapps closer to reality

GovBlocks is a change management framework that enables a
Ðapp to adapt with changing realities.

Ðapps vs Change

Ðapps vs Change

Blockchain platforms like Ethereum have led to global attempts at building decentralized applications (Ðapps) that utilize the immutable and self-executing nature of smart contracts.

Ideally all possible actions of Ðapps can be defined by writing code in a smart contract, but reality is much more complex, and a process is required to reach consensus on subjective matters. Survival is for those who adapt to complex environment changes, the ones that cannot be foreseen during the initial smart contract design.

These subjective matters include questions like:

How to update the rule book of a Ðapps?
How to update an erroneous smart contract without forking?
What is the right mechanism for maintaining liquidity of token assets, how to change the mechanism with time?
Where should the reserve funds be invested, how to change investment rules with time?

The GovBlocks ProtocolTM

The GovBlocks ProtocolTM enables a Ðapp to configure incentivized governance models for implementing
decentralized change management on applications built using blockchain platforms like Ethereum.

The GovBlocks NetworkTM

A series of plugins built on the GovBlocks Protocol that utilize the network effect and facilitate
seamless communication with other on-chain and off-chain applications.

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