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Smart Governance for Blockchain

GovBlocks is an open, permissionless decision protocol that empowers dApps to define and operate any governance model at scale

  • Modular Governance

    Modular Governance

    Make use of smart contracts to deploy modular governance for your DAO, enterprise, communities or any off-chain business. Configure stakeholders, workflows, voting layers, rewards, quorum levels - virtually all components of your governance model to suit the evolving needs.

  • Incentivized Decisions

    Incentivized Decisions

    Take informed decisions by configuring intrinsic economic incentives for your community or by accessing an open, fair and growing community of experts in the GovBlocks Network. Generate ERC20 compliant tokens on the fly or use existing ERC20 compliant tokens to reward internal and external communities.

  • Automated Actions

    Automated Actions

    Act on decisions by fixing bugs, upgrading code, releasing new features, accessing on-chain / off-chain APIs for external communication on a sliding scale of decentralization. Applications governed by GovBlocks can seamlessly communicate using standard functions of the protocol.

  • Sliding Scale Mechanism

    Sliding Scale Mechanism

    Configure a governance model on a sliding scale moving from loosely coupled governance to tightly coupled governance, or settling anywhere in between. Introduce categories that can be acted upon by multiple layers of stakeholders, or only one layer of stakeholders.


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