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Smart Governance for Blockchain

GovBlocks is an open, permissionless protocol for decentralized governance

A culmination of 3 years in blockchain development

GovBlocks is a culmination of our diversified experience in Blockchain Development spread across industries.

We believe that ideally all possible actions of a blockchain network can be coded in a smart contract, but reality is much more complex, and survival is only for networks that can:

  • Adapt to unforeseen environment changes; and
  • Manage decentralized resources efficiently
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    GovBlocks is a multi-factorial governance framework for blockchain applications

    GovBlocks Protocol

    GovBlocks Protocol

    Configurable Governance Models

    An open, permissionless protocol enabling a blockchain application to deploy customized governance models that work best for their community.

    GovBlocks works both, at the blockchain layer (eg. Ethereum, RSK) and the application layer (eg. Blockstack, ETHLend). If a model doesn't work in the long run, the community can get together to change and deploy a new model.

    GovBlocks Network

    GovBlocks DRP Network

    Decentralized Resource Planning

    The larger the community, the harder it is to manage. Traditional solutions like ERPs need to be re-imagined for decentralized networks. GovBlocks enables developers to create plugins for decentralized resource management.

    Examples include - Liquidity Plugins, ETF Plugins, Accounting Plugins, Bug Bounties etc. Think of it as an SAP for the decentralized world!

    Empower each stakeholder of your network

    Founding Team Founding Team

    Founding Teams

    Build Community Governed Networks

    The true value of a network is at the bottom of the pyramid comprised of its end-users. Using GovBlocks teams can deploy customized governance models that empower the network with aligned incentives, reputation feedback, financial stake locking and access control.


    Invest with confidence

    GovBlocks acts as a seal of trust for investors as it enables them to participate in the governance process of the underlying token. Network diligence and corresponding feedback becomes streamlined, even in the absence of the network creators.


    User Community

    Voice Opinions

    Users of a GovBlocks enabled network have the ability to voice their opinions while also building a global reputation each time they participate. The more they participate, the greater is the weightage of their opinion.

    All Stakeholders

    Get aligned incentives

    GovBlocks ensures that the network value flows back to the community that helps it grow. Stakeholders get rewarded when they participate in the underlying network.

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    Our Blockchain journey in 2017

    London | Berlin | Amsterdam | Washington DC | Papua New Guinea | Jakarta | Bangalore | Mumbai | Vizag

    From the winners of London Blockchain Week Hackathon 2017

    Ish Goel

    Founder, Project Lead

    Nitika Arora

    Co-founder, Technology Lead

    Kartic Rakhra

    Community Lead

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