What the industry is saying about GovBlocks

“They (Somish) are trying to drive, with their GovBlocks project, a real change in the way we do governance”...
In consortia environments, how do you cooperate, collaborate and compete ? How do you set the terms & conditions of pricing and who is paying for something and who is receiving value for that?...

David Furlonger

VP & Gartner Fellow

David Furlonger speaking about GovBlocks at the Gartner Symposium 2018


Dr. Jane the GovBlocks Delhi office!

" This is a company to watch. I have been following the progress of GovBlocks since it won the London Blockchain Week Hackathon in 2017 and had the pleasure of visiting their offices in Delhi and met their impressive development team.
GovBlocks is addressing the emerging need for managing decentralized networks. Their blockchain protocol enables organisations to deploy distributed decision making models at scale.
Somish’s success in securing contracts with the Indian Government demonstrates that this meets a real market need. "

Dr. Jane Thomason

UN Top 10 Women in Tech

"GovBlocks affords us a modular approach to governance that can be easily changed if necessary. We can tweak voting weights, rewards, quorum levels, virtually all components of the governance process...
GovBlocks actually enables us to deliver on our goal of building a living breathing organism that can be fully controlled by its members.
That is what decentralization is about, giving power and control back to the individual."

Hugh Karp

Founder, Nexus Mutual