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Data Exchange Framework

Enrich your data set by moving towards a single version of truth across all stakeholders, with an audit trail of data requests, exchange and edit approvals


  • Data exchange with businesses requires the data-owner to trust the business, which eventually becomes a point of failure in a value chain (eg, facebook data misuse).
  • Data owner in a data-exchange transaction often has zero visibility in the data utilization processes of businesses
  • Data Privacy and Protection laws are being implemented globally and businesses are being rightfully held accountable
  • There’s a growing need of technology-driven proof of approvals for data exchange between two parties, that can be audited and traced by each involved party in real-time
  • Blockchain has proved useful for this - it helps maintain an immutable, auditable single version of truth for multiple stakeholders

Key Industry Applications

  • Government Organizations
  • Financial Institutions (Banks)
  • Supply Chains (manufacturing, aviation, pharma, textile, etc.)
  • Consortia

How GovBlocks helps

  • Leverages blockchain technology to provide on-chain approval mechanism for data exchange between two parties.
  • Empowers the data-owner by providing immutable audit trail of data requests, exchange and edit approvals.
  • Provides a single version of truth at each data stakeholder and eliminates the need of a centralized point of trust.
  • Treats each data exchange request as a decision point and maps the PSDI principle to successfully implement it - Proposal, Solution, Decision, Implementation
  • Provides real-time access to data between non-trusted stakeholders along with proofs of exchange thus allowing for synergised and coordinated data-driven activities.

Key Features

  • API and UI driven implementation
  • Ability to deploy an independent DEF network for each business
  • Real-time approval based data exchange amongst untrusted stakeholders in a value chain

Impact for Customers

  • Increased customer trust with provable data utilization policies
  • Distributed Record Keeping, by either one entity or the entire community for each other
  • Efficiency improvements in transactions, interactions and tracking provenance of digital assets.

GovBlocks for

Distributed Governance

Align reputational and financial incentives of all stakeholders in peer-to-peer economies via a dynamic governance layer for decision making.