GovBlocks for

Distributed Governance

Align reputational and financial incentives of all stakeholders in peer-to-peer economies via a dynamic governance layer for decision making.


  • Businesses add frictional costs at each step of intermediary interaction in their respective value chains
  • With increase in the need of disintermediation, enterprises face a challenge of distributing decision making and governance rights across their value chains
  • Each member-driven business is unique and requires a modular governance architecture to cooperate, collaborate and compete within the ecosystem.
  • There is a growing need for a new class of management tools that enable businesses to take an iterative approach and use different governance techniques as they scale up

Key Industry Applications

  • Mutuals
  • Pension Funds
  • Skills Validation Enterprises
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

How GovBlocks helps

  • Provides an enhanced and dynamic governance layer, by leveraging blockchain technology, that is capable of managing a varied, constantly growing range of factors in a distributed business value-chain
  • Treats each step of a business process as a decision point and maps the PSDI principle to successfully implement it - Proposal, Solution, Decision, Implementation
  • Empowers the business to configure aligned incentives for members of the network (participants, investors, advisors, customers, technology partners, etc.)
  • Provides a modular, configurable approach for defining members roles, vote count mechanism, financial staking, action triggers, incentive mechanism for each business process
  • Provides an iterative approach to governance so businesses can deploy, learn and improve their governance techniques

Key Features

  • Incentive structure alignment
  • Reputation management
  • Financial stake locking mechanism
  • Configurable power structures for community members

Impact for Customers

  • Maximization of disintermediation in existing value chains
  • Disruption by introducing P2P economy in existing business models
  • New market creation with digital assets formed from non-digital assets (physical and virtual)

GovBlocks for

Data Exchange Framework

Enrich your data set by moving towards a single version of truth across all stakeholders, with an audit trail of data requests, exchange and edit approvals